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About Francesco Mattiello

To watch footage of me performing, please click here to check out my gallery.


For some, this won't be relavent, but for those who are interested.....

My name is Francesco Mattiello (people just call me Franco) and I'm from Naples, South Italy and came to the UK as a young child with my mum and sister. At the tender age of six I witnessed something that changed my life forever! David Blaine performing street magic on TV. From that point onwards, I became obssessed with learning magic!

At the age of 14 I joined the Bradford magic circle, at 20 years of age I joined the Leeds magic circle. I did my first paid performance at 19 years of age at a wedding. At 26 I was featured on national TV! Made in Leeds, performing street magic.

Since then, i've gone on to perform around the country for all types of events using simple props like cards, coins, mobile phones, and sometimes just the spectators mind! I also lecture to other magicians at magic circles and clubs, provide tuition and create my own magic, which i'm currently writing a book about.

My love of magic is the mysterious, and my interest of acheiving things that are generally speaking, impossible. 

Magic is my therapy, my joy, and I hope to share it with you, your friends, family, clients and colleagues. Please click here to read my reviews.

Leeds Magician
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