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Book Your FREE Demonstration

If you're considering a magician or mentalist for your event, but would prefer to 'try before you buy', then I have a one of a kind, perfect solution for you, and it's completely free!

Here's the best part too...


There's no obligation to book with me afterwards!

Here's How:

1: Click HERE to book your free demonstration. Either in person (Leeds City Centre) or online.

2: We will spend around 15 minutes discussing your event, I'll even provide you with some free event entertainment ideas and suggestions too.

3: I'll proceed to give you a 15 -20 minute magic and mind reading demonstration of what I do, up close and personal, you won't believe your eyes! Oh, and don't worry, you won't have to decide whether or not to book me there and then, you can make your decision on a different day via text message.

Yes, it's that simple, quick and 100% FREE!

Click below to book your freebie now, before my calendar becomes completely full.

Book now!

Check out this video as an example of how a demonstration might look.

or go

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