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My performances combine cards, coins, borrowed mobile phones, keys, and sometimes nothing! Just your mind!

Videos 5 and 6 are unplanned and do not demonstrate the effectivness of this service, for this reason, new videos are currently in production.. We suggest you read our customer reviews by clicking HERE.

1: Cardsharks

A story about gamblers and drifters

2: The Mentalist

Here's footage of me reading someone's mind after just meeting

3:  Pin Code Divination

Watch me divine someone's 4 digit pin code within the first 3 minutes of meeting

4: In Her Hands

A deck of cards vanishes from her hands, leaving her holding 1 card, her selection!

5: Bar Magician

A quick piece of astonishment I use to warm up!

6: Bar Mentalist

Just a phone, my mind, and theirs!

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